Pregnant Sisanie Shares Her Experience Getting the COVID Vaccine

    Pregnant Sisanie shared on-air  that she’s received her first round of the COVID-19 vaccine. Sisanie was eligible for the vaccine given she’s pregnant.

    According to health officials and the CDC, experts believe the vaccines “are unlikely to pose a specific risk for people who are pregnant.” To learn more about pregnancy and the vaccines, click here.

    The decision, however, wasn’t one Sisanie took light.

    “I mean it was a really tough decision in the first place to make, but after speaking to both my doctors and having multiple doctors here on the show, I ultimately decided it was best for me and my family to get the vaccine,” Sisanie shared, revealing she received the Moderna vaccine.

    “It was really simple to make the appointment,” Sisanie added, sharing she went to Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. “… It was a pinch, but I hate needles.”

    So, did she have any symptoms?

    Watch back to learn more and to find out what Sisanie recommends for others who are going to get the vaccine.

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