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    Sisanie Breaks Down the Mind-Blowing Moments In ‘Framing Britney Spears’

    Have you watched the New York Times’ Framing Britney Spears documentary on FX and Hulu yet? The docu digs deep into the ups and downs of Britney's life, from her days as America's sweetheart to her present-day conservatorship under father Jamie Spears and offers insight into the viral #FreeBritney movement.

    The documentary also takes a look back at the songstress’ now disturbing treatment by the media over the years, particularly during the height of her stardom from the '90s and '00s. The inappropriate questions Spears was asked as a young pop star were highlighted and, as Sis shared, would never fly in 2021.

    Sisanie shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air even ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake is now getting a lot of backlash over a resurfaced New York radio interview featured in the docu in which he seemingly boasts about having had sex with the pop star.

    Listen back to hear some of the most mind-blowing moments in the audio above and stream the documentary out now via Hulu or FX.