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    Wish List!


    Didn't get what you really wanted for Christmas? Listen weekdays for the HiTZ 104.9 Genie to appear and get qualified to win $500 weekly! Once your in , your in for the contest. Good luck !





    The HiTZ 104.9 Wish List  contest starts on 1/4/21 and ends on 1/29/21. Prizes are awarded as is. Prizes are not refundable or transferable. There are no substitutions or exchanges for credit for any prize at any time. Resale for any reason is strictly prohibited. If a prize-related event is unable to take place as scheduled for any reason beyond the control of HiTZ 104.9 including but not limited to cancellation, preemption, postponement or unavailability, due to weather or any other cause, our only responsibility to the winner(s) is to award the remaining available elements of the prize(s).  No substitution or compensation will be provided as replacement for the unavailable elements. Winner and guest(s) must abide by all on site policies. The HiTZ 104.9 general Contest Rules also apply and are available by clicking here.